Nautilus has been granted the prestigious Safe Tourism Certificate issued by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism to make it safer for tourists against the COVID19 risks.

We already have taken detailed precautions against Covid19 risk since last year to ensure that our guests have a safe time while diving with us. Safe Tourism Certificate means that the Ministry of Tourism has officially recognized our efforts. This program entails monthly audits by the authorities to ensure that the establishments do continue complying with the set precautions.


Covid19 pandemic has affected our lives in unimaginable ways globally. We have gotten used to living our daily lives taking the necessary precautions (Distance, hygine, mask).

We have taken some additional measures at Nautilus to ensure a clean and safe environment for our diver friends:

  • We have reviewed in detail, all the precautions recommended by PADI, DAN, Turkish Underwater Sports Federation (TSSF), WHO, Turkish Ministry of Health and the local authorities,

  • We check the body temperature of everyone setting step on our boat, apply a disinfectant aerosol to all the carry-on items and ask our guests to step into a cleanup feet wash basin before getting on the boat,

  • We apply an airborne disinfectant to all the covered spaces in our boat several times every day,

  • There are hand disinfectant dispensers all around the boat to clean your hands frequently,

  • We ask our guests to wear their protective masks all the time while on board. We provide masks if you need a fresh one,

  • The scuba equipments that you use in our boat are assigned to you exclusively during your stay with us and disinfected every evening,

  • Regulators, masks, snorkels are sealed in environment friendly material after being cleaned up every day,

  • We have re-arranged our seating plan according to social distancing rules,

  • We have readjusted some of the practical skills during courses to prevent the risks such as sharing an alternate airsource etc (please contact our staff for details),

  • We continue offering hot and cold beverages and snacks on board, however, we have switched over to single-use cups and utensils,

  • We urge our guests to bring along and use their own diving equipments,

  • Please try to bring as few carry-on items to the boat as you can and leave the stuff that will not be necessary during your day with us at your hotel,

  • We strongly urge our guests to make RESERVATION ahead of time.

Stay Safe & Enjoy Diving!

Please click on the following link to view the SCUBA DIVING WORLD MAP AFTER COVID19.