Open Water Diver Course – Gold Pack

We congratulate you for your decision to start scuba diving and taking the PADI Open Water Course at Nautilus.

We guarantee that the PADI OWD Course will only be the first step in your diving career and you will be taking further courses along the way.

So what awaits you beyond the Open Water course? First of all, you need to experience a little diving. As the old saying goes, "The sea does not care about certificates!" - you need to get used to practicing what you have learned in the course in order to make your every dive safe and comfortable.

The next step is the Advanced Open Water course. When you complete this course, new horizons will open up before you. You will no longer be limited to 18 meters, your depth limit will increase to 30 meters. You will acquire many new knowledge and skills and will now progress towards becoming a more controlled, knowledgeable and experienced diver.

You will then aim to become a Rescue Diver. Because now you will feel responsible not only for your own safety but also for the safety of your loved ones and friends with whom you dive.

During this process, other windows will open in front of you. You will notice that some aspects of diving interest you more than others. You will attend one or more of the many Specialty Courses offered by PADI and you will receive a Specialty certificate in that subject.

At this point, let us remind you: There is a level you need to come to so that you can say "I'm very good in diving!" and that other people will recognize - Master Scuba Diver ...

Master Scuba Diver level is referred to as the "Black Belt" of scuba diving, that is, the highest point that can be reached. You may think it's too early, but we can assure you that you should start your diving career by targeting this peak now.

We have created a program for you that will immediately contribute to achieving this goal in a short time: PADI Open Water Diver - GOLD Package. If you start your diving training in this way, you will quickly reach the Master Scuba Diver level, which is the Top Point of Diving, without wasting time, and you will also have the chance to see which specialties attract you more.

In addition to the Standard Open Water Course content in the Gold Package:

- You will make 1 additional dive and increase your practical skills AND

- You will have one of the following Specialties:

  • Nitrox Specialty : This specialty certificate, where you will be authorized to dive with enriched air, will be very useful, especially at many overseas diving points where Nitrox use is standard.

  • Peak Perfect Buoyancy Specialty : This specialty you will receive will provide you with all the knowledge and skills that will enable you to make safer, more comfortable and environmentally friendly dives in your diving career.

  • Project Aware Specialty : You will have taken a very important step towards the deteriorating marine ecosystem in front of our eyes. You will realize how big an impact this small step you will take to protect the environment will be.

  • Dive Against Debris Specialty : You will learn how to deal with garbage and wastes that pollute the underwater environment and cause great damage to the environment and make a personal difference.

- Also:

  • When you have one of the above specialties, you will earn credits for your Advanced Open Water course, which is the next level of training. If you take your Advanced OW training at Nautilus, you will be able to benefit from that course at a discount; You will also be able to complete your course in 4 dives instead of 5.

  • In addition to the Open Water Diver license, you will also have a specialist certificate and you will have taken an important step towards the Master Scuba Diver rank, which is the highest point of recreational diving.

We have to say that the price difference between the Standard OWD course and the OWD Gold Package is actually not a significant difference. When you take the individual costs of the extras included in the Gold package and add them to the standard course price, you will immediately notice that the price of the Gold Package is very attractive. For example, if you choose the Perfect Buoyancy specialty in the Gold Package, you will have done 1 more dive at no extra cost, in addition to the 4 dives in the standard course, and you will receive the Perfect Buoyancy specialty at a lower cost. As soon as your course is over, you will have gained an additional skill that will allow you to dive more safely and comfortably in your entire diving life.

Call us now to enroll in the Open Water Diver Gold Pack course: 0 533 962 5375.

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