Are You Using Your MyOcean Profile?

PADI’s MyOcean program offers many opportunites that every diver can benefit. It is a platform which will allow you to take your Environmental awareness to the next level.

If you haven’t signup for MyOcean so far, please visit and signup for a new MyOcean account on the top right hand corner of the page.

What can you do with your MyOcean profile?

  • You can write blogs and publish them immedaitely

  • You can share your favorite underwater photos and videos with fellow divers around the globe

  • You can easily report the debris you see underwater

  • You can create a environment protection event or join an already existing one

  • You can connect with other divers who share the same interests and concerns

  • You can share all of these activities with a single click on your socail media network

Do you care about the environment and want to do your share? Register for your MyOcean profile now!

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